Add Contact

Adding a Contact & Sending a Thank You

You can add a contact to your Broadly App by navigating to the Add option on the menu bar. Then enter in your contact’s name, email and mobile number. Enter both an email address and phone number, if possible.  

* For  Admin and Manager roles: If a member of your team helped out this customer, you can add them as the Assisting Team Member. If you don't see your team member's name as an option, you will need to  add that team member to the app.

You can also choose a  delivery delay, by selecting the blue drop down menu and choosing from the time-frames that are available. When you're ready to send a Thank You message to your customer to ask for a review, click on the blue Add Contact button.

Adding a Contact prior to a service & Sending a Thank You afterwards

If you wish to add a contact to your Broadly App prior to the service, select the Don't send Thank You option. Then click on the blue Add Contact button. The contact will now be added to your Contacts directory. 

Once the contact has been added to your Contacts directory, you can directly message them regarding a service by clicking on the < Back option at the top of your screen. Then click on Contacts on the menu bar. Select the contact name you wish to message and start communicating right away!

After the service is completed, you can send your customer a Thank You message by selecting Details at the top right of your screen and clicking on the Send Thank You toggle. The toggle will turn green and Broadly will send a Thank You message, asking your customer for a review.

Best Practices

To  maximize your customer response rate, we highly recommend the following best practices:
  1. Make your customers' experiences your top priority!
  2. Tell your customers that you’re sending a thank you - this increases your chance of getting a response and a review.
  3. We recommend using the phrase, "We'll be sending you a thank you message and we appreciate your feedback!"
  4. Use Broadly to send thank you messages immediately after every completed service.