How do I request a review from my customers?

Broadly is here to make it easy for you to send review and feedback requests to your customers after a service is completed. There are 4 main ways to send out those requests:

Add Contact: You can send out a Thank You message to one customer at a time using the Broadly App.

Add From File: To send out a Thank You message to multiple customers at a time, utilize our Broadly import function.

Automatically: Connect your business system to Broadly to automatically send out Thank You messages after a completed service. This option is available for supported business systems only.

*New* On Demand: In the conversation view of an existing contact, select the review request button in the lower-left. This will re-start the follow up flow and will immediately send that customer an SMS request. Examples of when you'd use this include:

  1. To resend a request to a customer who never responded to, or received, the initial request(s). Be careful not to send too many to the same customer.
  2. To trigger a review request to be sent out for an existing contact, i.e. a lead from Web Chat, after a service is completed. 

Don't forget to give your customers the heads up about this review request!  A simple heads up can really help improve your response rate.