Supported Review Websites

Below is some information on the review sites that we support. We are able to send your customers to leave reviews on any of these sites to help your business grow! For more information, check out our help page for Local Listings Management


Google is the largest search engine in the world and is one of the top sites that consumers go to when looking for a local business.There are three key factors that influence how a business shows up in a local search ranking, which includes: 

Proximity - how close the consumer is to your place of business

Relevance - how well your listing matches what the consumer is looking for

Prominence - how well-known a business is online

Broadly isn’t able to control how close a consumer is to your business when they are doing a search, but we are able to help you with improving your business’ prominence and relevance across the web. We do this by making it as easy as possible for your customers to leave you new and consistent online reviews.


Facebook is the most widely-used social media platform in the world. Increasingly, consumers are turning to Facebook to find and communicate with local businesses.

Broadly is able to help drive traffic to your Facebook Business listing by sending consumers to your page to leave a review. These reviews help improve your online rankings and distinguish you from your competitors.


Yelp is another big site to help you generate business through reviews. Please note that Yelp was created for consumers and are catered to that demographic. However, business owners can still benefit from getting new and consistent reviews on Yelp. While Broadly cannot report on Yelp, we can still guide your customers to your business page.


Nextdoor is a localized social media site that allows neighbors to communicate directly and privately with other neighbors in their area. Often neighbors go onto Nextdoor to recommend local businesses and services that they have used and loved. Nextdoor is great for small businesses looking to increase their local presence through neighbors' recommendations. 


TripAdvisor is the largest online travel site to find local restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and other travel-related services. If tourism is a huge part of your business, we recommend building a strong presence with TripAdvisor. Broadly can help you do this by taking your customers to the TripAdvisor site to leave you reviews.

Custom Ask

We are also able to connect with any other review website that you are interested in focusing on. We've connected to AVVO, HomeAdvisor, Angie's List, The Knot, Thumbtack and more! Ask your Customer Success Manager for more details if you have a particular site in mind.