Reviews Platform

Broadly App

The Broadly App allows your business to communicate with your customers directly from the App by email, phone or text. You can send messages at any stage of the customer relationship and will be notified when you receive a response. 

One-Click Reviews with Email or Text

Broadly’s online review platform automates customer feedback with a one-click process, making it as easy as possible for them to leave a review. All customer communications are branded to your business and customizable to make sure they know it is coming from you. 

Smarter Asks

We lead your customers directly to the review sites that they’re active on, which removes the need to create a user account before they leave a review. We currently support Google, Yelp, Facebook, Nextdoor and TripAdvisor; if there's another site you'd like to gather reviews on, contact your Customer Success Manager at

Real-Time Customer Feedback

Broadly’s feedback feature enables you to follow up with your customers to gain real-time insight about their experiences. Learn what your customers love about your services and address issues or negative feedback immediately and privately. 

SEO Optimized Review Stream for Your Website

Broadly streams your 4 and 5-star reviews from Google and Facebook directly to your website using our patent-pending code. The review stream enhances your website’s SEO which helps to improve your local search ranking. 

Automated Weekly Report

Every Sunday, Broadly emails a snapshot to show you how your business performed over the last 30 days. This report contains new reviews, private customer feedback, and tracks your promoters and detractors (those who would and would not recommend you, respectively). Additional reporting can also be accessed in the Broadly App

Business System Integrations

Broadly integrations allow us to securely obtain customer names, emails and phone numbers directly from your business system. We will automatically follow up with your customers to request feedback. The list of supported integrations is always growing, but a few of our most common ones include:

  • Quickbooks Online & Desktop
  • EagleSoft
  • Dentrix
  • PetExec
  • Gingr
  • Housecall Pro
  • ServiceMonster

We have MANY more! To find out if we can connect to your business system, contact us at