Web Chat Settings

You are able to customize your Broadly Web Chat feature from within your Broadly App. 

Once logged into the Broadly App, go to Settings > Web Chat to see the options available for customization. These include: 

  • Enable/Disable Web Chat: Toggle on/off Web Chat at any time.
  • Avatar: Click Edit to add or change your Web Chat's avatar. Uploading an image with a square aspect ratio works best.
  • Color: Click Edit to change the color of your Web Chat to best reflect your brand. You can choose from a list of colors, or add in your custom hex color code. 
  • Web Chat greeting: Greet your website visitors with a custom message. Click Edit to change the message and Save once you're finished. You can reset this message at any time. The updated message will display when Web Chat initially loads on your website for a new visitor. 
  • Follow up message to new lead: Personalize the follow up message that is sent out to any new incoming lead. Click Edit to change the message, and Save once you're finished. You can reset this message at any time. This is the message that your website visitors will receive after we collect their contact information and send them over to you. 
    • IMPORTANT: This is the first message to land on your customer's phone/in their email. Be sure to keep your business name in that message to make sure your lead knows who is contacting them.