What is Web Chat?

Maximize your website’s effectiveness! Broadly’s Web Chat encourages prospective customers to get in touch with you immediately through your website. Engage with them in real time, and convert more visitors into real customers.

Web Chat quickly responds to any inquiry, qualifies the question, gets contact info, and allows you to continue the conversation via the Broadly App or offline by phone, email, or SMS/text. 

Click here for instructions on how to add Web Chat to your website.  

How does Broadly Web Chat work?

Once Web Chat has been installed on your website, visitors will be able to communicate with you directly. Click here to watch a quick video tutorial or read the simple instructions below on how to start using Web Chat today! 

1. When a visitor goes to your website, they will see a blue chat box pop up from the bottom right corner of their screen.

2. Once a visitor types a message or a question into the chat box, Broadly will: 

  • quickly respond to their inquiry,
  • qualify their question,
  • gather their contact information and 
  • push this conversation out to your Broadly App as a "Lead."

* It is important that you enable notifications on your mobile device or desktop computer, so that you are updated on each Web Chat conversation.

3. You will be able to view the " Lead" in your Broadly App under the Contact option in your menu bar.

4. Click on the " Lead" to engage with your website visitor right away. At the top of the screen, you will have the option to Call or Message them directly.

* Broadly highly recommends that you respond to your "Leads" as quickly as possible to increase your chances of converting website visitors or prospects into real customers. Click here for additional best practices.

* For medical and dental practices: Broadly Web Chat is not intended for medical consultation. We only ask website visitors for contact information (name, email and phone) so that the doctor/practice/receptionist can follow up and schedule an appointment. You can follow up via the Broadly App, phone call, email, etc.

Web Chat operates similarly to voice mail, asking visitors to “please leave your phone number so we can call you back later.” The benefit of Web Chat is that many people prefer to contact the business/practice online versus picking up the phone to call.