Web Chat

Maximize your website’s effectiveness! Broadly’s Web Chat encourages prospective customers to get in touch with you immediately through your website. Engage with them in real time, and convert more visitors into real customers.

Web Chat quickly responds to any inquiry, qualifies the question, gets contact info, and allows you to continue the conversation via the Broadly App or offline by phone, email, or SMS/text.

How to Install Web Chat on your website

After you sign up with Broadly, you will have received an email with instructions for how to set up Web Chat on your business' website. Using the script provided to you by Broadly, follow these instructional videos below to help you get started with Web Chat!  

Add Web Chat to a WordPress site:

Add Web Chat to Other Sites: 

If you do not have a WordPress website, you can add Web Chat to your site by pasting the script provided by Broadly into the Header or Footer of your website. View the quick example below: 

If you have any questions or need help with setting up your Web Chat, contact us at support@broadly.com. 

After you've installed Web Chat, website visitors will be able to communicate with you directly. For more detailed information about how Web Chat works and how to use it, please click here.