Messaging (For Admins Only)

Thank You emails are enabled by default. To enable Thank You text messaging, Admins can navigate to the menu bar and select Settings > Messaging > Use SMS for follow-up messages.

A checkmark will appear next to the SMS option to indicate that text messaging has been enabled. The phone number displayed is an auto-generated number that supports direct texts between you and your customers. Any calls to this number will be auto-forwarded to your business line.

If you would like to turn off Thank You text messaging, tap on the other option to Use email for follow-up messages. You will still be able to contact customers directly using SMS (text) at anytime, but all Thank You messages (and related follow-up messages) will be sent out via email only.

To make changes to the  Thank You text message or imageAdmins can navigate to the menu bar and select Settings > Messaging > Edit to the right of the Image or Text option.

Please note that there are currently no dimension requirements for the  Thank You text messaging image. Broadly will resize the width of the image to be 440px wide by 440px high for best results we recommend sticking to a 4:4 ratio.

When editing the Thank You text message, please make sure you include the name of the business in the body of the text.