Website Integrations

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1. Web Chat

2. Contact Form

3. Automated Review Stream

4. N.A.P. (Name, Address and Phone)

5. Turn your reviews into automated blog posts

Web Chat

Maximize your website’s effectiveness! Broadly’s Web Chat encourages prospective customers to get in touch with you immediately through your website. Engage with them in real time, and convert more visitors into real customers.

Web Chat quickly responds to any inquiry, qualifies the question, gets contact info, and allows you to continue the conversation via the Broadly App or offline by phone, email, or SMS/text.

Click here for instructions on how to add Web Chat to your website. 

Contact Form

Broadly can also integrate with your website's contact form so that you can manage your inquiries in real-time through the Broadly App. No more missing messages from new contacts or losing business because you didn't respond in time. 

SEO Optimized Review Stream for Your Website

Broadly streams your 4 and 5-star reviews from Google and Facebook directly to your website using our patent-pending code. The review stream enhances your website’s SEO which helps to improve your local search ranking. 

N.A.P. (Name, Address and Phone)

Fact: Search engines (ex: Google) require your business’ NAP to be consistent across the internet (including on your website), otherwise your search ranking may suffer.

Broadly has developed a special NAP footer to display your Business’ Name, Address and Phone number encoded with so search-engines can readily find you.

Turn your reviews into automated blog posts!

  • The keywords your customers write in your reviews are valuable to search engines like Google!
  • Broadly has patented technology that publishes your reviews to your websites and makes this content readable by search engines.Think of this as an automated marketing blog that improves your ranking (SEO)!
  • To enable this feature, access your domain settings and update the following:
Current Nameservers Updated Nameservers
[NS1] –>
[NS2] –>
[NS3] –>
[NS4] –>